Little Sister’s Craft Cocktail Reviews

“Objectivity must prevail, carrying us above mere notions of ardor or antipathy, whose ideas are instilled or forced upon us by tribe or circumstance.” Roland Barthes perhaps? No, this was the stuff of our conversation with all manner of young women back in the heady university days of our youth, stuff that occasionally rings true today. You see, when you’re charged with food and drink delivery, as we are, and things seem to be going up in flames, it’s difficult to stand idle as the handsomely tattooed barman/barwoman dispenses the final touches of their latest concoction with an eyedropper and surgical tweezers. Well, we bide our time in these situations, wisely but not without a little panic, because it’s always well worth it. In the meantime, however, and for the sake of “objectivity,” we give you:





We had the good fortune to obtain bar seats at Lady of the House for their wildly popular brunch service recently. A brief note on the phenomenal food. I’d scribbled down something that says “If you want all the wonder of a Texas smoked brisket, but with the elusive texture of butter and eggs, order the pancakes and smoked syrup.” Maybe it was the cocktails talking.


I had ordered the Vanquish, Scotch and Cardamaro with blood orange, etc.


Little Sister: “Well I love anything citrus. Does it have bourbon? You know I like Wild Turkey, eh?” Byrrh meets amaro in this drink, elevating both and tempering the scotch. “I smelled a woman’s perfume, but tasted a man’s cologne, both from the 1960s,” she continued. On the nose we detected bright citrus, spun caramel, and cocoa: “It smells floral, like a garden on Easter Day. So good!”


There’s an amazing Vermouth selection at Lady, too, and some Madeira. We had the 10-year-old Sercial. “It tastes of the sea!, of seafood.” A total success.


Reggie Featherstone.